Hi everyone! This is Ericka Mae L. Real, and this is my website. Don’t expect too much because it will hurt you in the end. As what people says, “We are not born to be perfect but we are born to be real.” I made this blog to share all the things I have in mind.  All that you have seen and will be seen in this website are all reality of me, me and me. This is not about other people, about you, nor about the other things what-so-ever, but this is about me. It is always been my advocacy to influence people with positivity.  And with this,  we will be able to live happily as much as possible. For more information, follow me and we will know more about reality in real together with the other things related to real things. Again, this is Ericka Mae L. Real leaving you a saying that if you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you  would never think a negative one. Be happy everyone!